Where to from Paganel?

IMG_20170522_154932I asked our Year 6 Archive After-school club members three questions about what they want to do, where they want to live and a favourite moment or advice for people starting Paganel.  Here’s what they said:

What  do you want to do?

I would like to be an astronaut – I want to be the first person on Mars.

I want to be a footballer.  It’s a dream I’ve had all my life.

I want to be a footballer  – I like to travel and I like to play, and when I retire I like animals and I want to work for the RSPCA.

I want to be a singer.  It’s my dream job and I’m really good at singing.  I want to be a famous pop singer like Ariana Grande.

I want to travel around the world and help people in poorer countries.  My Mum and Dad used to and they’ve had so many great experiences.

Where do you want to live?

I would like to live in the USA

I woulds like to live in the country – It’s really nice there, nice sites to see and it’s quite quiet.

I want to live in Antartica.  It’s because I like cold.

I want to live in Paris, because of all the fashion there and culture.

I want to live somewhere in the country – I don’t want to live in a busy city, probably in this country.

Do you have a favourite thing or moment at Paganel, and any advice you’d give to people starting here?

My favourite time was Paganel was when I first arrived, because everyone helped me get around if someone new came here I’d tell them not to worry because it’ll’ be alright because the children are kind – that’s how it is here.

When I first arrived, seven years ago.  It was brilliant – I met some friends.  Just enjoy it really, until you get to secondary school!

It’s not that bad, it’s alright.  I think secondary schools is better because there’s more things to do.  More opportunities.

Just have a good time and try and make loads of friends – I really enjoyed it when i joined archive after-school club!

I haven’t got a favourite moment, It’s all been good.   I like it when we go swimming.  My advice to anyone starting at Paganel is to only fight battles that are worth fighting.  Everyone says you should persevere with everything, but if you  persevere with something that doesn’t really matter you’re only getting yourself into a bother.

I’d like to thank all the members of Archive After-school club for their time in being interviewed and effort they’ve put into the Archives over the past year.


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