Visiting Lodge Hill Cemetery

On 10th November our Year 5 visit to Lodge Hill Cemetery using in soldiers footsteps to find out about World War One in Birmingham. Afterwards we asked a teacher and some of the children about the visit.  Video and sound clip are brief edited responses: Continue reading


A New Start

This blog post is about the start of Archive Club for this school year, what has changed and what there is to look forward to. It was written by Tom Jordan.

20171009_162308The first session of the Paganel Archive After-School club in this school year was the start of an exciting new chapter. As ever, there were lots of new faces from years 5 and 6 in the club this year, but also another new member in the form of myself, Tom.

I’m a history student at the University of Birmingham, and I will be helping with the club over the autumn and spring terms this year as part of my course, and it was great to see so many pupils all excited and eager to get involved with the club and learn about history.

20171009_162247But it wasn’t just the people
that were new. The club has been lucky enough to move to a new room in the school (just for us!), so one of our first tasks will be moving the archive and all our resources from its current location to our new room on the other side of the school.


Luckily, this is not the only thing to look forward to. We discussed as a group different activities that might be interesting to do this term, and the club members came up with lots of ideas ranging from interviews staff and cataloguing schoolwork, to visits to the university and learning how to use an archive.

With all this still to come, I for one can’t wait to see what the next few weeks have in store.

Visit to the University

‘It’s the best trip we ever had because it was four trips all together’.


This blog is about the University of Birmingham visit by Paganel Primary Year 6 and was written by Archives After-school club, yr6:

We went to University of Birmingham and looked around ‘Old Joe’ the clocktower and walked around the old building.  The clock tower has LED lighting so it can go different colours.

Then we went to the Barber Institute, in the middle of the University.  It was very nice because Mrs Barber donated so many pictures and still helps it run after she’s died.

IMG_20170622_104046We looked more at some of the self-portrait paintings.  It was interesting to find out what they meant.  Like the one where the man was in black and holding a skull.  When you look at it at first it’s just a portrait, but when read what’s underneath and look a little harder you can see more what it means.

One picture was unknown who it was, and it was a picture of a woman who had sorrow on her face.  I was curious about who it might be and why they were sad, because there wasn’t much known about it.

There was a painting of Jesus with the dark soldier next to him.  It looked like a demon behind him, all black with a scary face.  I like scary stuff, it’s fascinating and I want to know more about it.

‘Then we went to the archives.  This was my favourite bit.’

When we visited the people at Cadbury Research Library.  They had all the archives locked up downstairs, all protected.  They showed us how they conserved it by bathing the paper in water.  They ‘relaxed’ the paper by spraying it before the bath (see photo top of page).

IMG_20170622_122503We also saw a letter written by Neville Chamberlain to Adolf Hitler before the second world war, as well as lots of other archived things.


Roary the Allosaurus

At the Lapworth museum we met Roary the Allosaurus.  He broke two bones in his ribs and toe, so he couldn’t fight and he couldn’t eat,  and that’s why he died.

I liked the crystals, the stuffed animals and the fossils.  There was a stuffed possum too.

Make sure you visit the University and all the free places you can go and find out things too.

Please visit uni and see more of our photos in our archive, or see last year’s visit blogpost.