Explore your archive maps

IMG_20151116_152320This is a map of the old area of Paganel Primary School in 1885. It has been laminated and it has been painted to show the current map of Paganel over it. I chose it because, at first I thought why was there paint all over it.  It was an old map from 1885-6 . Then I realised that it’s two maps in one.  The current area is painted on the old map!

Soutir chose a Map of Paganel for his favourite archive – part of a series of laminated A3 sheets – ‘History of Paganel’.  The display from 1990s Paganel School is being digitised – many of the photos and images used in the display are original.

See more of Explore your archive week 14th to 22nd November #explorearchives also how we do it now – Historic Landscape Conservation
Poppy Red Remembered

Our brand new year.

We are planning on being the best archivers ever by making the year the best year ever. Jessica is being a busy bee cataloguing and filing.

Sam is writing down our plans for this year.  (interviewing Mr H about our trip to Standsfield)

Mollie is blogging and helping out with everyone.

This year is going to be the BEST year ever.

By Mollie Starkey Archiver

Preparations for Libraries inspire learning

SWOTUsing our SWOT analysis to guide us, Paganel Archives events team (AKA after-school Archive Club) is working hard in preparation for 10th March Kidsmeet!

We have split the workload between the team (three teams to cover hosting (meeting greeting, helping), opening/compare, technical, and grafitti wall/ video room/ interviews).
We wrote a few letters that needed replying to/sending, and committed to keeping a (new) blog running for the next  month – librariesinspirelearning.blogspot.co.uk
A lot covered in a short time but lots to do – there’s the archives activity (afternoon) and the archives presentation (morning), to work out too.  Hectic, but feels like it’s all coming together nicely.