The Building Site of 2015

This is Soutir in all his gear!

This is Soutir in all his gear!

We looked around the new extension for the school. The builders generously accomodated us for the hour (3pm – 4pm). They showed us round the site, apparently they have special boots that have metal caps on the toes to protect their toes from getting squished. I find it very intresting that the school is ascending in number. We had to wear special clothing for protection.

We will be interviewing the builders soon, taking more photos and documenting changes at our school.

By Oliver Samuel Sargeant

Return of the Archive Club

After a lengthy summer break, Archives After-school club began again this September.  Following a brief training and induction, our new archivists resume duties documenting life at Paganel Primary School and acting as custodians of our history!

Here is a short video interviewing members of the club, and some photos of the school, documenting change as the school converts to two form entry, doubling the number of students.

Photos of the school by the Archive Club

Next week we’ll be putting on Hi-Viz and helmets to visit the building site that will be new classrooms, and interviewing old Paganelians visiting the Archives.

Outside Archive Club – We can Archive anywhere!

It’s a very warm day here at Paganel School today and even our lovely cool archive room was a bit stuffy so we found a cool (and clean!) space to work under the trees in the Early Years play area.


Harley is still repackaging photos – battling with gloves in this weather which is dedication! She’s doing 1997-98, lots of team photos for football and netball, school play photos, special days and trips.

Ashfaq completed the cataloguing for Make do and Mend project that happened last year and then labelled and packaged photos of staff for 2015.

Our brand new year.

We are planning on being the best archivers ever by making the year the best year ever. Jessica is being a busy bee cataloguing and filing.

Sam is writing down our plans for this year.  (interviewing Mr H about our trip to Standsfield)

Mollie is blogging and helping out with everyone.

This year is going to be the BEST year ever.

By Mollie Starkey Archiver

Photos and Video Histories

Our last archive after school club of the term was all about finishing up and planning for next year.

Mollie, Harley, Sam, Sophie and Jessica worked hard on the photo albums, counting and measuring photos in preparation for the new non-plastic albums they will go into in the new year.

Ashfaq carried on uploading photos to the drive to add to the newest archive collection which is Cosford School Visit. This will include video histories of the children’s experiences at the RAF museum.   Mr Philp also popped in to show us how to upload the video histories directly to our catalogue so they will be digitally available.

It has been a great term at Paganel Archives, archiving and preserving of existing records and lots of ideas for archive projects that will continue to document the life of the school and community.


Our fun in archives – by Mollie Starkey and Jessica Leigh

On the 18-11-14 in archives this is what we got up to.

Harley our fellow archiver is getting up to some important work, she’s taking photos out of plastic folders because unfortunatey the plastic is making the photos melt.

Sophie and Sam  other fellow archivers are writing down questions about how you interview people ; which is a very important job.

Ashfaq our other fellow archiver is uploading pictures of our trip to the air museum so that we can blog all about it and put photos in the archive room.

Jessica another fellow archiver is getting interviewed about our old amazing trip to Stansfeld.

In our archive club we get up to many fun activities including interviews.interviews are one of the main things in the archive club they are important because it tells people how diffirent children felt about certain activities on their side of the story.


from MollieS and JessicaL archivers

Recording Stories

This week, as well as carrying on with our photo rescuing, we have been practising recording oral histories in preparation for our next project.

The team is keen to record the stories of their peers, particularly the year 5 residential trip to Stansfeld and their own year group’s recent trip to RAF Cosford.

We worked out some open questions to ask students and some follow up questions to get more information.  We also worked out that we needed a quiet space to record in and a calm encouraging interviewing style.

The nexus tablets are great for video recording so look forward to a new set of video recordings of Paganel students in our archives soon!