Where to from Paganel?

IMG_20170522_154932I asked our Year 6 Archive After-school club members three questions about what they want to do, where they want to live and a favourite moment or advice for people starting Paganel.  Here’s what they said:
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Teaching – that’s the life for me!

capMrs Jackson explains about her last job, teaching on a boat.  There were different challenges to teaching – often there was a wider age range – and returning back to teaching in the UK after a period of time a lot of things had changed, or was new, like phonics. Continue reading

My Introduction to Paganel Archives


One section of the archives and how it looks at the beginning of the year

I am very excited about working with one of the only primary school archives this year as well as working with the children of Paganel school. As a history student and someone who knows the importance of individual history I think it’s fantastic that children have access to the archives and are interacting with their local history, especially since school is such a big part of life and establishing individual identities. I can’t wait to begin this exciting process!