Learning about our suffrage heritage

It’s important to know where your from.  It’s also important that where you’re from recognises and values you.

We started this week with a political map of Birmingham, showing boundaries about to change, discussed why they were changing, discussed the biggest change in Birmingham Political history in 1911, when the Greater Birmingham Act made us ‘the second city’, and the biggest national political change on February 6th 1918, when the Representation of the People Act was signed on 6th February 1918, giving the right to vote to most men and, for the first time, some women.

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In the playground


Following the interviews, we decided to go out into the playground and photo some of the things discussed.  Here are some of the comments:

‘We’ve had a lot of fun here’

‘This is where the foxes live – we’re not allowed to go too close.’

‘We use the tables for hiding under – they have games on top.’

‘When we were little we got to go the little playground.  We’ve not been here for years!’

‘In year 2 we did PE here [the small playground]’

‘I remember growing vegetables and eating them. Make soup and parents had to try it.’
‘In nursery we used to play on the bikes.  Brings back memories of crashing into the wall and hurting myself, so many times.’

Today: 23.6.2015

Today at archives after school club, I have been writing a letter to the new archivers in year 5. This letter will show and tell them what to do. I have enjoyed writing this letter 🙂 and wish them the best of luck ;P Ashfaq a colleague has been identifying teachers. Harley has been sorting out valuable photos and that’s it today 😉

My life in year 6

My names Jessica and this is what i think of my class.

In year six there are many great lessons,sometimes in science we do amazing experiments.In literacy its even better ; we mostly work in groups which is a lot of fun as we get to share ideas and co-operate.

Today we have been interveiwing people about drayton manor and sats.

Its been a great experience taking sats, and an even better one going to drayton manor.

– Jessica L

Research about a old pupil from 1938 called Thomas B.

Recently we have been finding out about this man called Thomas. He had been looking on our blog and rang the school.

This is what he said ” My name is Thomas and I came to this school in 1938 and I would like to find out more about the school and how its changed from when I came here.”

We have looked in the old admission register books but not found a Thomas B but we have indeed found a Marguerite B. We have also looked in the old log and punishment books and still not found a Thomas B. So we are wondering now if he is searching up about a relative…


Next we will contact him to see what he wants us to do and see if he would like to come and look around the school and look in our archive room.

By Sophie. Aged 11. Archives