Today: 23.6.2015

Today at archives after school club, I have been writing a letter to the new archivers in year 5. This letter will show and tell them what to do. I have enjoyed writing this letter ūüôā and wish them the best of luck ;P Ashfaq a colleague has been identifying teachers. Harley has been sorting out valuable photos and that’s it today ūüėČ

Outside Archive Club – We can Archive anywhere!

It’s a very warm day here at Paganel School today and even our lovely cool archive room was a bit stuffy so we found a cool (and clean!) space to work under the trees in the Early Years play area.


Harley is still repackaging photos – battling with gloves in this weather which is dedication! She’s doing 1997-98, lots of team photos for football and netball, school play photos, special days and trips.

Ashfaq completed the cataloguing for Make do and Mend project that happened last year and then labelled and packaged photos of staff for 2015.

My life in year 6

My names Jessica and this is what i think of my class.

In year six there are many great lessons,sometimes in science we do amazing experiments.In literacy its even better ; we mostly work in groups which is a lot of fun as we get to share ideas and co-operate.

Today we have been interveiwing people about drayton manor and sats.

Its been a great experience taking sats, and an even better one going to drayton manor.

– Jessica L

Research about a old pupil from 1938 called Thomas B.

Recently we have been finding out about this man called Thomas. He had been looking on our blog and rang the school.

This is what he said ” My name is Thomas and I came to this school in 1938 and I would like to find out more about the school and how its changed from when I came here.”

We have looked in the old admission register books but not found a Thomas B but we have indeed found a Marguerite B. We have also looked in the old log and punishment books and still not found a Thomas B. So we are wondering now if he¬†is searching up about a relative…


Next we will contact him to see what he wants us to do and see if he would like to come and look around the school and look in our archive room.

By Sophie. Aged 11. Archives

Archaeology club and the air-raid shelter

Our deputy head Mr Philip created the following blog.


8th Jan 1940 log book Paganel juniors. ‘6 air raid shelters finished and ready for use’

The Brainchild of three Year 5 pupils, Archaeology Club got underway two weeks ago. Our first session wasn’t much of a success – we managed to dig up some of Mrs Hunt’s bulbs in the Quadrangle and we found a rock that must of had a large amount of metal in it, since it made the metal detector beep.

And yes – we have our first Paganel Primary School metal detector – enabling us to sweep the ground for treasure.

The second week was much better. We had heard, via Mr Grinham, the site supervisor, that there was an old air raid shelter buried somewhere at the back of the huts. So we begun there, Alfie sweeping the ground with the metal detector and almost instantly we began to hear lots of beeps. A short bit of digging later and we hit something hard – it was concrete buried about 10 cm down and with rods of rusty iron running through it – reinforced concrete – just the sort of thing that might have been used to make a school air raid shelter in 1939.

But why an archaeology club, I hear you ask? Well first of all there are three enthusiastic archaeologists in Year 5 – Alfie, Cameron and Reece who have all had a keen interest in history, finding buried treasure and generally digging up the ground since they were in Year 3. Secondly we had heard from the curator of Weoley Castle Ruins that she suspected there may have been an Anglo-Saxon settlement on the ridge above the the location where the Weoley Castle lies – the very ridge upon which school is built. So with the prospect of our very own Stafford shire Hoard in our mind (with admittedly a very low probability) we set out on the Archaeology Club.

And no, after two weeks we have found no Anglo Saxon gold, but we have found that air raid shelter and we have also heard that 22 years ago a ‘time capsule’ was buried on the field. Unfortunately we can find no record of where that time capsule may lie, so a lot of metal detecting is still ahead of us. It’s a big field…

Our Fabulous Mystery

Last week our deputy head (Mr.Philp) located the original plan layout of the previous version of Paganel Primary school, from 1936.

We studied the plans and went around the school and tried to find what has changed. ¬†Our biggest mystery is what happened to the the cloak room. Sam’s theory is that the cloakroom was changed into the staff room. This is still to be explained. We’ll let you know what we discover.

We took photographs of the plans and places of the school which have now changed.Copy of IMG_20150127_152538 (1)   IMG_20150127_153207 IMG_20150127_155256 IMG_20150127_153224 IMG_20150127_155450 Copy of IMG_20150127_152538 (1)IMG_20150127_153224IMG_20150127_155256IMG_20150127_153207

New Oral History Project

Our new oral history project is based on Paganel residential trips (Kings wood). We have been planning to interview students including teachers to describe the activities of their residential trip. Everyone is involved in that process.

In addition to this, our second oral history project is about Paganel’s after school clubs. We are also planing to interview Cameron Spurrier as he¬†created the brand new archaeology¬†club which has already started. ¬†Our¬†instructor and supervisor Nikki Thorpe will be supporting us during this process and we hope you will give us the extra support we need.



Our brand new year.

We are planning on being the best archivers ever by making the year the best year ever. Jessica is being a busy bee cataloguing and filing.

Sam is writing down our plans for this year.  (interviewing Mr H about our trip to Standsfield)

Mollie is blogging and helping out with everyone.

This year is going to be the BEST year ever.

By Mollie Starkey Archiver

Our Archive After School Club Blog – 2014 in review

Happy New Year to all our followers! gave us this summary of who is reading us, what they like and where they come from. It’s exciting to know we have followers in the US and Australia as well as lots in the UK.

It looks like people enjoy reading posts from the young people most and they like the photos so there will be lots more of both this year.

Please promote us to your friends and colleagues so more people see the great work that happens at Paganel Archives by fantastic young archivists.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 450 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Photos and Video Histories

Our last archive after school club of the term was all about finishing up and planning for next year.

Mollie, Harley, Sam, Sophie and Jessica worked hard on the photo albums, counting and measuring photos in preparation for the new non-plastic albums they will go into in the new year.

Ashfaq carried on uploading photos to the drive to add to the newest¬†archive collection which is Cosford School Visit. This will include video histories of the children’s experiences at the RAF museum. ¬† Mr Philp also popped in to show us how to upload the video histories directly to our catalogue so they will be digitally available.

It has been a great term at Paganel Archives, archiving and preserving of existing records and lots of ideas for archive projects that will continue to document the life of the school and community.