Sport and games at Paganel

With Birmingham securing the bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, the Archive After School Club decided to look back on another major national sporting event; the 2012 London Olympics.  This post is written by Tom Jordan.

At the time of the London Olympics in 2012, Paganel Primary School actually held its very own Olympic Games – the ‘Pagalympics’. The games included many different sporting events, along with medal ceremonies and even an opening parade. Many of the photos and artefacts from the event have been kept in the Paganel archive, and so the group decided to display some of this material to form our first exhibition of the year.


Selection is very important when creating an exhibition, and the children picked out some photographs which they felt best represented the Olympic spirit. They also selected a few items from the event to put on display, these were a medal, a mascot, a drawing book and an Olympic torch.

We also took this opportunity to link what the school did in 2012 with what we are doing now, and so the children wrote down and drew some of their favourite sports, as well as reasons they feel sport is important and useful to us today.


Overall, we’re very proud of the fantastic exhibition we’ve put together, but now we’re also looking forward to our next project in the New Year.


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