Interviewing Mr Clayton

CaptureMr. Clayton, the sports teacher at Paganel Primary, has been someone we’ve been wanting to interview since the beginning of the year – Paganel Archive After-school club were able to find him off the football pitch after school last week , to ask questions about his time at Paganel Primary school…

Mr Clayton is the Sports Teacher at Paganel Primary School.  Mr Clayton talks about why he left his job fitting windows as his Father had to teach children.  He explains how lucky he was his children came to Paganel Primary School.  He worked as a volunteer at Paganel for three years before he had a paid post.  He talks about how it felt when he was a window fitter and how different if was working as a teacher.  He didn’t want to be the headteacher – too much paperwork, and wouldn’t want the responsibility.

Explains his love of football, and how being a captain, coach or a teacher, you need to work with your team to make the best of their strengths and work together as a team.  Mr Clayton likes to see how pupils develop their skills right through to play leaders at Shenley Field Secondary School.  Love of the game is the ‘main thing’ even if the ability has to be there to.  But if the ability is not there, there are other ways into the sport.  Mr. Clayton wanted to be a professional footballer, but ‘it didn’t happen’, so he followed his father into the business of fitting windows

Mr Clayton had to make a decision to choose a career. Mr Shufflebottom helped to give the opportunity and confidence to become a sports teacher. It wasn’t easy because he had a family to consider too, but Mr. Clayton thinks working at Paganel is ‘fabulous’!


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