Bringing photos to life for Queen’s Jubilee

IMG_20151116_153009I was in year 2, and it’s all about the Queens jubilee.  I was there, and there was a big greenboard, you stand on the green carpet.  Your face is going to be in the screen on old photos…

Seim’s favourite archive – A photo album from the jubilee celebrations.  We had photos and footage from three previous coronations and Birmingham street celebrations – using green screen technology we were able to place children into the original photos.



We sourced images in Birmingham and London during the Queens’s coronation with support from Birmingham Archives & Heritage.  With classes before, and for children and parents during the jubilee party, we set up a studio to be a part of the original coronation (crown, cloak, other props, and ‘Zadok the Priest’ on loop!)


The Explore Your Archive campaign, which is coordinated by The National Archives and the Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland), is now in its third year. This year the main launch week for the Explore Your Archive campaign will run from 14 to 22 November 2015.



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