Day trip to London BETT show 2014

   Karla Ford’s report on her visit to Bett in London:


Answering questions about our use of Chromebooks

On Thursday 23rd January 2014 me, Hana , Chloe K, Mackenzie, Daniel, Harvey S, Mr Philp, Mrs Reading and Marcus all went to London to represent our Paganel Archives.

It all happened when we got into the taxi about 9am to go to Selly Oak Train Station for our Train to New Street Station, we all met at the station for 9:15am Mr Philp went in his car so he met us there, Marcus was already there waiting for us. We got onto the train and sat down reading and playing while we were waiting to arrive at New Street Station. The journey didn’t take that long.

Once we was at New Street Station it was about 10:10am, we was all extremely thirsty so Mr Philp bought us all a drink to last us through the journey to London. Mr Philp talked through the safety rules it was quite boring but very important, once we had gone through all of this we was ready to get everything together and get on the train to Euston.

The journey to Euston was very fun and enjoyable we was laughing, joking, singing, dancing in our chairs, reading, playing and colouring. Mackenzie wouldn’t stop eating his snacks he had a whole bag full of goodies for him to eat on the train. Chloe, Hana and Harvey S were all on Hana’s kindle. Daniel was on his phone looking at hilarious videos and I was colouring and reading like a normal child would do. On our trip we was discussing what we was going to, Mackenzie suggested eat lots and lots of delicious food. Mrs Reading said enjoy ourselves and have fun.

At about 10:40 we finally arrived at Euston we got off the train and entered a Tube that went underground I had the school phone so i could take some photos of the sites that I saw . The sites were awesome we saw: the O2 arena, tall buildings and a part of the River Thames. After that tube we got on another tube to go to Prince Regents we were pretty high above the grounds.

Once we got off we was at the Excel place we  wandered around looking at all the other places everyone was very hungry so we got a sandwich each. Then it was time for sirs presentation on the Google stand he was talking for long (boring) once he had finished he was being interviewed so we had to wait even longer.

After that we visited Buckingham Palace the flag was up so the Queen was in. We had a picture taken together then we walked up to the train station again we all had a burger king there was no where to sit so we had to sit on the floor it was embarrassing!

We all then had to go we had some cake to half i was being a bit greedy and shoved my face in it! Once we had finished on that journey we all went home. I had the best day ever!

By Karla Ford Y6

More links to our archive material, including presentations:

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