what is going on in the archive


The theme for the archive is the forest theme, first we worked with a lady called Mags and we made a model box to see what theme we were doing for the archive room. Then the teachers picked out different things from the model boxes that we are going to put in the archive room,everyone’s ideas will be going into the room.


Jude, Kavan, Karla, Sasha, Lourdes,Demi and Lilymai are in an archive club and were deciding how things are going to go. We have been cataloguing, sorting out photos and writing a blog.

5 thoughts on “what is going on in the archive

  1. Hello, Year 5 students, it looks like you are having fun in your very own Archives Room and being a member of the Archives Afterschool Club. I am an Archivist at a large girls’ School in Toowoomba Queensland, Australia. I would like to have our Students having as much fun with our Archives and history as you guys are having. Keep up the great work !!!!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. We are beginning a handover to a new set of students – we have also been at a ‘Heritage Day’ at a local library and the British Education Technology & Training show 2014 in London last week, both to showcase how we’ve worked with archives, so plenty going on. What sort of work have you been doing with children?


      • Hello, Marcus
        Thank you for your reply. We are a relatively new Archive and School Memorabilia Collection. I haven’t had much contact with students so far – only when they have been making Digital stories! research for projects, etc. the government has just brought in a new Australian History Curriculum which will pull all States into line with studies. Since it’s introduction I have had much more contact with the younger children in Grades 2, e and 5 . I am keen to engage as many of the 800 students as I can – especially as
        Our School is over 100 years old and has a great ‘Old girls’ Association
        Who are very active and support the Archives. The children love coming to to Archives cottage and seeing the ‘old stuff’ that their grandmothers, had when they went to school.
        The a teachers are very keen to engage the Archives for their lessons so I am very keen to be part of their classes as well as outside school hours clubs, etc. also, I may visit the UK in April next year and if so, was wondering if I may come along and have a visit and view your Archives program. Many thanks. Best wishes

      • Thank you for your interesting letter, we really enjoyed reading it. We are excited about our amazing day on the 10th March.We’d be delighted if you could come and contribute a film to the day about your archives, or any inspiring work you do.Please see:

        We would be delighted if when you come to visit in April you could come and visit our Paganel Archives. We’d like to invite you to visit us at Paganel Archives, because we’d like you to enjoy our history of Paganel and contribute to it.

        Hana & Chloe
        O.B.O. Paganel Archives

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